New Market Transportation has over 25 years experience in the freight brokerage business. We are licensed (MC-159150) by the former Interstate Commerce Commission. Each year we facilitate the shipment of approximately 3-4,000 truck load and less-than-truck-load shipments throughout the United States, as well as into Canada and Mexico. We're small enough so that you can always speak to a decision-maker, and we're experienced enough to effectively handle almost any situation.

Flexibility for Customers
New Market doesn't own or operate any equipment. Instead, our asset-free environment lets us offer maximum flexibility in meeting the logistics needs of our customers. Depending on a shipper's need, we can provide flatbed, drop-deck or van equipment from contracts with over 2,000 carriers. With such a large pool of equipment, and time-tested relationships, we are able to meet the requirements of even the most challenging freight problems.

Service First
Time is money. But so is safety. We pride ourselves on working with shippers and consignees as well as carriers, to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your freight. We do the detail work, giving you more freedom to do your job. Customers have learned to rely upon us when production schedules and deadlines require sustained monitoring, verification, or even Saturday deliveries. Need a quick response time? Need the details of where your shipment is and whether the ETA will be early or on-time? Just call us. . .